Other Places of Interest

Video Game Sites!

  • The Gaming Intelligence Agency: This group was my first glimpse into ultimate reality of not-sucky reviews. LSD has nothing on them. When their server went down initially, I donated. When they went down permanently, I cried.
  • Gameforms: Luckily, the diaspora did not claim too many lives, and they lived on, albeit for a short period which now appears to not work. Maybe it’ll work for you.

  • Sirlin.net: I am a lucky devil. When the sleep had been rubbed from my eyes but before my father-golem taught me how to shave, I casually traipsed over to this site. It was my first youthful transgression, the first piece of writing not exalted by my older brother-golem whose style ensconced me. Luckily, I was able to rescue its url by typing in a line from one of its articles from a foggy, half decade old memory.

  • Insert Credit: A recent find. After the deaths of my beloved, a new lover arises from the wreckage of my life, and writes well. Interestingly, the departure of the family-golems from my life is marked by an interest in more didactic writings, and I have eventually returned to the (relative) stylistic splendor marking my youth.


  • Jog- The Blog: This made me blog in the first place: The American Dream, solipsism, whatever you want to call it, has led to a fine one man criticism outfit.
  • I am NOT The Beastmaster: Marc Singer taught me that a piece talking about the gradual degradation of a comic’s quality really can be written as a rousting political speech. I have been hard on my artists ever since.
  • Let’s You and Him Fight: Jones, One of the Jones Boys is ridiculous. You’ll love his stuff if you love being able to breathe air or eat cotton candy at the fair in the company of a cute but attainable love interest.
  • Double Articulation: Comics can signal to Mnemosyne much better than tea, although you’ll have to scramble his sidebar for proof.
  • The Hooded Utilitarian: Sometimes words can describe something. Sometimes they can’t, but it’s actually the fault of an author wanting to project his deficiencies onto the world: this is one of those times. Which one it is now I can’t tell, but this is another great blog occasionally dabbling into comics but retaining eloquence throughout.

Other Stuff!

  • Gay Utopia: A compendium of media focusing on a fluid identity, freed from anxieties over expressing an identity to others. It doesn’t exclusively focus on homosexuality. The Hooded Utilitarian (Noah Berlatsky) headed the project.
  • I have not yet dipped my pool in the music or movie blogging waters. It is cold where I live, and that is not a good idea without boots so a trip to the mall is in order so’s my toesies don’t get black from frigidity, and you would not want that. At all.

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