June 15, 2010 at 3:10 pm (Comic Books, Morrison)

It was Seven Soldiers that got me into this game, so, okay, this might get me back to playing again. Not necessarily great comics, but damn interesting ones that demand close reading and keeping track of themes:

Batman #700

(Kinda big spoilers for Mozzle’s Batman issues and Superman/Batman Annual 4, if you care about that kind of thing)

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Two Potshots from Mozzle, pt. 1 (of 2)

June 4, 2009 at 1:57 pm (Comic Books, Morrison)

(note: scanner works: images in; post more comprehensible. Also, Pt 2 was a never finished ramble on Seaguy 2 as being intentionally boring and repetitive in order to reflect the current state of comics sequels and crossovers, but would end with the declaration that self consciousness of the current dissatisfying trends in comics does not save it from still propagating the system. No, it was Cameron Stewart’s art that saved it).

Man, I’m so glad no one (that I read regularly) has reviewed this, yet. All my comments will read like pristine nuggets of wisdom and insight plucked from a wonderfully intricate puzzle piece that simply appeared as a straight forward super hero action story!

I’m sure tomorrow won’t be so kind, but, without further introduction, the return of ME (oh, and Batman, and, and the two headed comics-creating behemoth Quitely-Mozzle).

Batman and Robin #1

First off, what a cover! The minimalist background with the cheesy yellow cover, the placement of Batman and Robin stressing the difference in height and eagerness of the two (Damian’s stepping forward from batman, closer to the camera” and still so short, both tied together into a single image, a misshapen U, by their shared vehicle, the Batmobile. This is visually compelling work. I only wish it did not have the shoddy logo and creator names forming the U into a lumpy O, framing unimportant yellowness instead of its clever composition. Yadda yadda Quitely even gets lighting on shiny Kevlar and shiny car right, making the former a bright pulses, the latter a huge splatter.

Hey, here’s something pretty close to the ideal cover:


And onto content:

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