My name is XyphaP, pronounced Zai-Fuh-Pee. I enjoy articulating my opinion, but do not always approach the most topical of polemics. Here is my work shown for what passes as my opinion. I also like portabello mushroom dishes, and the occasional cream soda.

Update: I’m also a hip hop/electronica musician part of the band, Lilac Inferno. (Myspace for my solo stuff) We have a demo of our first album done, and would be happy to send it to anyone who wants to hear atmospheric sampledelica closer to DJ Shadow than the Avalanches. Just e-mail me at or, and I’ll be sure to get a copy sent your way. We’re working on making a digital copy easily available, but it may be a little while.


Send me an e-mail. I’ll give a warm howdy back.


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