June 15, 2010 at 3:10 pm (Comic Books, Morrison)

It was Seven Soldiers that got me into this game, so, okay, this might get me back to playing again. Not necessarily great comics, but damn interesting ones that demand close reading and keeping track of themes:

Batman #700

(Kinda big spoilers for Mozzle’s Batman issues and Superman/Batman Annual 4, if you care about that kind of thing)

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Some Recent Vertigo Comics

June 12, 2010 at 10:05 pm (Comic Books)

Vertigo’s getting pretty interesting these days, too. I, Zombie has some good Allred art (looking like he used a brush and ink for a lot of its blacks, as well as sporting a much heavier usage of shadows and dynamic lighting to make the comic pop even more, although I maybe should be praising Laura here. On that note, the blurriness of her colors from X-Statix Presents Dead Girl and some of the Madman comics is thankfully gone here, too). The plot is even great, tying together lots of folktales but not being as self consciously clever as Fables, and has already set up a love triangle between a zombie, ghost, and werewolf without making it seem forced.

There’s even open talk of the gay subtext inherent in lots of werewolf comics, with the werewolf chided for his monthly “secret plans” as being an actual gay lover. He, of course, remarks that he wishes that were the case, and that little line quickly casts the entirety of the reading of homoeroticism into werewolf stories as wish fulfillment, a scathing, but intriguing, critique.

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