New Music

February 12, 2009 at 12:53 am (Lilac Inferno, Music)

*I just realized how to turn off comment moderation, so now I won’t look like a stingy hermit about whatever anyone comment on my blog! Amazing!

Like a couple of you guys know, I moonlight (except during full moons when I become a werewolf and eat evildoers) as an electronic musician, and I have an mp3 from my band (Lilac Inferno) to show. It’s really out of place on anything we might do in the near future, and was a song we recorded right after we finished all the songs that found their way onto our first EP. (Sadly only available by me or one of my two compatriots physically handing you a copy right now, but we’re looking into making it available for digital download). (edit: now it’s available for download in wav or mp3 form! Check it out!).

It contains elements from the Beach Boys song “Had to Prove” so don’t tell Brian Wilson about it! But if anyone who owns the rights to that song objects to any of the sampled material, just email me at and I’ll either take down the song or remove the samples from it, promise! Jackson Floyd plays guitar, I (XyphaP) make with the laptop blips and bloops.

It can be downloaded here:


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