December 4, 2008 at 6:50 pm (Movies)

I’m trying out a new review style (it’s called the capsule format!). I thought it’d ruin the why of people reading a review, but Christgau has proven how it can splay aesthetic over performance in concise enlightenment. It’s like a news report in that it’s brief and you have to trust that I did my research/thoroughly watched the movie.

Flaming Lips’ Christmas On Mars

Indie Supergroup Flaming Lips devote their souls and sweat to an visual and emotional banquet. It succeeds when trying to be purely filmic, relying on sonics and visuals for rhythm and power, but its plot and characters reveal unencumbered kitsch. When a crew member cries a drop of blood, and when the aggressive captain remarks that maybe they did just experience the “best Santa ever” who magically saves the day, well, you know if you’re going to like this film or not, although its astounding atmosphere almost trumps its (admittedly amateur and effortful) cast overacting every part like there’s no tomorrow. With an enviable economy in set design, but still in need of editing and narrative direction, it’s twee instead of punk. Both are four letter words here. B-


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