The Hall of Memories has Lovely Decorations

November 18, 2008 at 4:22 pm (Comic Books)

Okay, Plok, if you demand we reminisce over our 5 memorable experiences reading comics, I guess I’ll acquiesce.

1) 1) Sonic the Hedgehog by Michael Gallagher and co. This is pretty much the reason I love comics. From it’s cluttered, cartoony vision of the future (along with Gallagher’s excellent character design and sense of humor edit: My memory’s foggy: Gallagher was just the most common writer. Pencilers rotated a lot, and I can’t find who designed all the amazing characters that showed up only in the comic), I was hooked on this comic, and, eventually although with less enthusiasm, other comics. I remember #3 as the first one I ever bought.


Sonic and Tails persuaded my youthful self into loving comics.

2) 2) Batman #497.


This completely flipped my shit. This is the first comic I ever saw and absolutely needed to purchase, at the local grocery store’s rack. How could such violence make its way onto a stand cluttered with Archie digests and Sonic the Hedgehog comics!?! I didn’t care, but I was sure glad to see that stodgy superhero get his back snapped! I subsequently became entangled in the Knightfall crossover. #500 was my first all-foily comic.

3) 3) Grant Morrison’s Animal Man. This was the first reading experience I completely remember. Seven years ago, when only the first trade was barely in print, a wizard article listed both Animal Man #5 and 15 in its 40 greatest comics ever! I think “The Kid Who Collected Spider-man” just beat out #15 (the higher rated of the two by Wizard). So I had to find this greatness.


When I first read them (in my defense, I was only fourteen), I didn’t understand the dolphin’s narration. When I reread the entire opus in a whirl (the whole pantheon of unknown superheroes in #23 and #24 was awesome), I still didn’t understand too much, but I knew that I had really done something good, that I’d be proud of later down the line. After all, these were some of Wizard’s favorite comics, so they have to be good, right?

I’m pretty happy they actually are.

4) 4) Frank Miller’s Daredevil. The second collecting escapade of my youth that I successfully completed. More than enjoying the interior comics (which I did a lot- ninjas and gun superheroes perfectly matched my teenage sensibility), I just completely learned the thrill of bargain hunting and finding comics. I scored a very fine copy of #168 for $18 (!), a fine copy of #158 for $15, and a comic that’s become much worse since I’ve reread it zillions of times, #181 for a paltry $4. This was way before the visionaries volumes had been published, and I had a secret piece of superhero history just waiting in my longboxes to be rediscovered.


And I damn near wore out these comics.

5) Akira. Somewhat fittingly, I went from Miller to manga, but I had no idea the two were connected. Akira was just published in big, tremendous collections my store displayed proudly. My brother had watched the manga, and didn’t let me see it a while back (too violent to watch, the protector said. Too badass to not watch, I thought). So later in my life, I got the deluxe, comic version, with so much more story: victory to the child, I’d say!


So: what are your top 5?



  1. Miizzzard said,

    Wow Peter that totally made me nostalgic … why did you post your list as a comment on Plok’s blog though?

  2. xyphap said,

    His meme: I followed. But since I like pictures so much, it’s just a pingback there.

  3. xyphap said,

    haha, our icons match, kinda!

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