Thoughts on Entourage- Part Two

November 6, 2008 at 12:06 am (1)

The first one’s here or below. I think I actually talk about recent episodes in this one.


Entourage makes such a tremendously large cast possible because it reduces all it’s characters down to types. And because most of its cast is actual celebrities, it isn’t too much of a stretch (buh dum-chi!). but the typing extends to its closer cast as well.

Turtle and Johnny have both had zero actual development during the show. When it started, they both couldn’t get girls because they were either, in Turtle’s case, lazy and selfish, or, in Drama’s case, past his fame and selfish. When the show has given Drama a girlfriend and had a real chance for personal change, or at least something resembling a story, they ended up parting because Drama, was, in fact, selfish. But, in the latest episode, they gave Turtle a way out. A woman (okay, a pretty actress- they aren’t the same) needed help (a drink), and Turtle was able to solve her dilemna. She ends up liking him enough to give him a handjob on the plane, but, more or less importantly, she likes him well enough to give him her number. People find out about the former, and Turtle becomes again the selfish, lazy, but now a little more charming Turtle he always was, and no doubt the next episode will have him chasing honeys unwilling to let him be their bee (tee-hee).

Not giving him the girl does so very little. He becomes a little more sympathetic, but he’s still the one who bragged about getting jerked off, his blabbermouth preventing love. Why couldn’t they actually give him the girl and start an interesting, at least different character arc? Why couldn’t they actually develop and change their characters instead of reduce their plights to humor?

I’m confounded again by their slipshod stasis.


So, the show has built up comedy and a well realized setting in the fictional hollywood, but it hasn’t been good in a while because it leans too heavily on its tropes. It’s both reduced Lloyd to a type after they were distinct and charming, or it’s squandered any chance to raise Turtle’s character above his past. Which pretty much summates the show’s performance since the fourth season. And, besides that, Medellin STILL hasn’t been completely resolved and lack of funds is barely an issue for its cast and Ari’s new position was solved with Deus Ex Machina in episode 508 (he is offered a position, and during a mysterious meeting with people we’ve been told “hate Dana Gordon”, Ari is able to leverage his offer into her occupation, the explanation being “I pulled the bait and switch”). There has been so very little payoff, or any scuffling of the status quo’s paint that it has been in stasis since the third season.

It’s going to need its characters to determine its plot if it’s going to get anywhere, and then it’s going to need to follow through on cliffhangers with a changed status quo and cast. Or else it won’t last much past its sixth season.


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